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Are you ready for 20th November?


The TRPR/TPD regulations seem to have caught some manufacturers/suppliers by surprise and we are
hearing more stories of people in the industry who have not made suitable arrangements regarding compliancy
and who now find themselves facing a major problem. If you haven’t already put measures in place to have your
Nicotine-containing products tested and notified, you really need to act quickly or face the prospect of not being
able to sell them until six months after they have been notified.

Some manufacturers we have spoken to said that they had been offered cheap testing/notification on a
commission-per-bottle basis, but on further checking they found there was a minimum per-month commission
payable; this made the cost far more expensive than that of FEM2 Ambiente who offer an all-inclusive
price which is competitive and which assures data ownership to the client. We do not have any involvement
in the process and certainly do not receive any financial reward. We only make information available and
introduce clients to FEM2 on a no obligation basis. More information HERE.

If you find yourself in this, or a similar position, please give us a call as soon as possible and we will try to help
you find a solution. Any advice and/or assistance we give is free of charge and we can suggest alternatives that
might suit you, both practically and financially, and which would enable your brand to continue if you wish.
There are options that do not involve testing all of your range which could keep your business viable.

Our number is 01254 674561, between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday. If you have a number of questions, or
need more extensive details, please email us with your enquiry so that we can compile the best answer for you.

It is sad that by May 20th 2017, a lot of our friends in this industry might go out of business; we do not wish to see
that as we will be losing pioneers and innovators, and possibly some of our customers.

Act now before it does become too late. There is only two months before ‘deadline day’.

Details of the dates and the legal requirements are briefly listed below; this is information taken from the
MHRA’s guidance website, E-cigarettes: regulations for consumer products

Putting a new product into the UK market

From 20 May 2016 onwards, producers of new e-cigarette and refill container products will need to submit a
notification to MHRA 6 months before they intend to put their product on the UK market.

There are transitional arrangements for the period between 20 May to 19 November 2016. During this period,
applications for new products which companies intend to put on the market must be made at least one day
before they are sold for the first time.

A product which has been substantially modified will count as a new product and must also follow this process.

Products already in the UK market

Producers of all e-cigarettes and refill containers that are covered by the TPD and are on the market
before 20 May 2016 will have until 20 November 2016 to submit a notification to MHRA. After that date,
producers may only sell batches of a product that does not comply with the TPD requirements if the batch
was produced before 20 November 2016.


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