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Short Fill E-liquid For You

Short Fill E-liquid For You
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Now Available in Zero 0mg/ml Nicotine.


Please note:  If you choose two or three flavours, they will be mixed in one bottle with the PG/VG ready for Nicotine liquid to be added. The ratio of flavours will be chosen by one of our Directors who has many years of experience working with flavoured eliquids; however, it is your choice and we cannot guarantee that you will like it.

If you only require one or two flavours, there is an option titled 'no flavour' at the top of the drop down lists.

Now Available in Zero 0mg/ml Nicotine.

Now available with up to THREE different flavours in each bottle

Our latest concept, E-liquid For You, enables customers to enjoy our full range of around 200 flavours in the simplest way possible. Just select the size, Nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, choose up to 3 flavours and we will send you the correct quantity of ready-mixed flavouring with PG and/or VG, along with the required number of 10ml bottles containing your Nicotine liquid (also known as 'Nicotine shots'). Just add the 10ml bottle/bottles to the part-filled 50ml/100ml bottle, shake well for 30 seconds and vape. We believe this is the best solution which works out most cost effective for our customers.

The 50ml and 100ml bottles will be the brown variety with child-resistant cap and spill-resistant insert; each bottle will be supplied with a 2ml safety syringe for easy filling of your tank. You will also receive a sticker stating 'This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance’ which you should place on your bottle once it is mixed.


From May 20th 2017, new regulations (TRPR 2016) mean that e-liquid containing Nicotine will only be available in 10ml bottles with a maximum strength of 2% (20mg/ml). We are now in the final transition period with 'old' products being phased out and the 'new' ones phased in. The only difference is in the labeling which meets regulatory requirements.

The cost of testing and notifying every single strength of every flavoured e-liquid is mind-numbing; approximately £1million for 200 flavours in 3 strengths just to make them compliant and £36k per year for what is termed 'maintenance', so E-liquid For You makes it possible for you to continue enjoying the wide range of FA flavours.

Our Ready To Vape E-liquid in 10ml bottles with 50 flavours in 4 strengths is now on sale and is be fully TRPR 2016 (TPD) compliant. To check whether an E-liquid is compliant, look for the EC-ID on each bottle.

Short Fill shortfill

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