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Eliquid Nicotine Bases 100ml 500ml

Eliquid Nicotine Bases 100ml 500ml
Our Price:  £14.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  FlavourArt

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Free 10ml Syringe with every order for 100ml or 500ml

Only available in 4.5% (45mg/ml) and while stocks last at reduced prices.

The TRPR 2016 (Tobacco and Related Products Regulations) mean that we must sell off all existing stock that was manufactured pre 19.11.16 by 20.05.17.
When our current stock has been sold, it will be replaced by new stock bearing ECID numbers. The liquid will be exactly the same, only the label will change.
The new Eliquid Base will only be available in 10ml bottles with a maximum strength of 1.8% (18mg/ml) under the new regulations.

Please note that because of new restrictions on advertising and promotion of vaping products that come into effect on 20th May 2016 as part of the EU Tobacco Products Directive, we will not be allowed to allocate Loyalty Points for any product that contains Nicotine.



contains 50% Propylene Glycol, 40% Vegetable Glycerin, 10% water and is balanced in terms of vapour and throat hit, recommended as a first choice.

Velvet Cloud:-

contains 80% Vegetable Glycerine and 20% water (does not contain Propylene Glycol) ideal for those with a PG intolerance - more vapour, less throat-hit.

BiteXtra Full Hit:-

BiteXtra uses both Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, along with natural flavouring, to produce the perfect replacement for those seeking a strong/intense throat-hit from low Nicotine eliquids.

BiteXtra Ingredients <58% Propylene Glycol EP <40% (Veg) Glycerol EP <4.5% Nicotine EP <2% Plant extract EFSA approved.

BiteXtra Smooth:-

The same as above but 20% extra VG reduces the harshness of the throat-hit.


Nitrile gloves should be worn when handling Nicotine liquids. Refill liquids contain Nicotine which can be absorbed through the skin. Care must be taken to avoid contact with skin, mouth and eyes. Should contact occur, wash with plenty of fresh running water. Our refill liquids are bottled in containers with Child Resistant Closures. However, refill liquids should always remain out of reach and sight of children and animals. Refill liquids might be harmful to the environment and should not be allowed enter the watercourse. Please refer to the instructions contained in your pack.

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