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Free Liquid For Seven Winners!



The Seven Winners below each will receive 100ml of any liquid on the website

FA24816    ~     Andy B.
FA25078    ~     Chris D.
FA24882  ~   George P.
FA25382     ~     Tom B.
FA25171    ~     Chris H.
FA24511    ~    Steve D.
FA24779     ~    Marc B.

On 21st October 2015 I shall have gone without smoking a cigarette for seven wonderful years. I have enjoyed vaping every day and feel my life was saved by that little 'fake cig'.

To celebrate my success in giving up, and the success of our business which enables me to indulge my passion for harm reduction, we are giving away seven x 100ml bottles of any liquid on our website. Every order between the 1st and 31st October 2014 (inclusive) will be entered into a draw to win this great prize. If you order more than once, you will have more chances of winning. Each of the seven winners will receive 1 x 100ml bottle of any liquid they choose.No cash alternative is offered.

The draw will take place on Monday 2nd November 2015 using the True Random Number Generator and the winners will be announced on this website, our Facebook Page, and UK Vapers forum. Full names will not be used without the winners' express permission.

We would like to thank all of our customers, many of whom we feel are like family. It's been a fantastic seven years smokefree and working in this industry, and an amazing three and a half years running FlavourArt UK!



8.00am Tuesday morning, 21st October 2008

Today saw another, probably the most significant, defining moment of my life. Being able to use my ecig at work meant that I no longer smoked tobacco during the day and had even reduced my smoking in the evenings to just a couple of roll-ups. I dropped my wife off at her work just before 8.00am and had made one roll-up to have while driving to my workplace. I lit it, took two drags and threw it out of the window in disgust, it tasted absolutely horrible and I had to stop at a shop to buy some mints it was that bad. I was overwhelmed with what just happened and the tide of emotion that followed. I had been smoking for over forty years and here I was feeling disgusted with my friend! After just twelve days using this new-fangled device I had genuinely lost the desire to smoke tobacco but didn't feel I had given up smoking because the ecig was providing me with a realistic sensation. I had no intention of giving up, I didn't want to give up, as stupid as that sounds from someone who suffered a minor stroke a few years ago. I forgot to mention that, how stupid I was to continue smoking after such a stark warning, such is the nature of the addiction. I had no withdrawals from cigarettes and the smell of burning tobacco has become worse and worse as my sense of smell has got better and better. My kids love it because I don't stink, the car and house don't stink and they might get an extra few years out of me! Within a few days I could feel the changes in my body as it was cleared of carbon monoxide, tar and the other 4,000 chemicals contained in cigarettes. It was, and still is amazing.

My Life My Choice - the full story.


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