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2016 and Beyond - the future of vaping.

1 CommentThursday, 22 May 2014  |  FlavourArt UK

2016 will present significant challenges to the Ecig and Eliquid industry, mainly in the form of EU regulations which will impose a wide range of responsibilities on manufacturers and suppliers with regard to safety, quality, specifications, Nicotine content, and particularly the recording and reporting of sales information.
Many smaller businesses who currently manufacture under existing regulations (Trading Standards and CLP) could find the new EU regs a major and even prohibitive obstacle, something that will undoubtably force changes or even closure. That is not what Ecigs deserve as they are the greatest advancement in Harm Reduction the world has seen and should be positively encouraged as a means to end the monopolistic stranglehold that Big T has had for many decades.

FlavourArt is one of the companies that aims to not only survive the draconian legislation but to continue its healthy growth in spite of it and in competition with the tobacco companies. FlavourArt is a leading manufacturer of Eliquid and Flavouring Concentrates and is well on course to meet the new regulations. For anyone looking to start up in business, expand their product range or manufacture their own brand, FlavourArt represents a safe bet for the future.

UK customers are looked after by the team at FlavourArt UK who specialise in developing the best possible options for all markets. Being able to supply fully branded FlavourArt products for resellers, Ready To Vape and Concentrated Flavourings, and bulk supplies from 10ml bottles to 25kg drums which are all EU-manufactured are key elements to guarantee longevity. Research and testing of products in liquid and vaporised form with published results, advanced manufacturing facilities for mixing and bottling, a UK-based trusted distributor with almost six years experience in this industry, all point towards a healthy outlook for the future years.

EU regulations might suit the huge Tobacco and Pharma corporations who are already buying up selected Ecig businesses, but they will not deter those whose passion for harm reduction is a driving force stronger than greed for profits. FlavourArt aims to offer a helping hand to small and new businesses in order for those who enjoy vaping to be free to do so in the future.

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David Bugler
Thursday, 10 July 2014  |  16:22

The main threat from regulation is to the Mom and Pop businesses which are ubiquitous in the vaping phenomenon. Nobody should really fear regulation per se, just draconian, thoughtless and downright stupid regulation.
The government should recognise the value to the economy of small to medium sized companies, even in the face of big pharma and tobacco. Vapers tend to be against "the man", they're anti-establishment through and through. Personally, I don't fear the additional cost of regulated vaping, I'd rather know that products are safe - it's my life and my body.
Flavour Art's passion and commitment is evident in its approach, customer service, literature etc. I hope to be a customer for many a year to come.

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