40% Discount on selected 100ml Flavour Concentrates.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014  |  John
SPECIAL OFFER on DIY Flavourings - 100ml bottles of selected flavours at a tempting 40% discount!!!

The flavours on offer are:-
Grape (Red)
Lime Distilled
Perique Black
Reggae Night
Tuscan Reserve
Zen Garden

Here are a few recipe ideas to whet your appetite

Anybody remember the Atomic Fireball sweets? You can create a similar effect with your own twist on the flavour.
Cinnamon is the key ingredient and can really spice up a mixture. The recipes are for making Concentrated Flavour
mixes which you later add to your eliquid once they have had time to steep, 5 days for fruity flavours and 14 days
for tobacco or more complex blends.

Apple 60% Cinnamon 30% Vape Wizard 8% Menthol 2%

Lime Distilled 60% Cinnamon 30% Vape Wizard 8% Menthol 2%

Use your flavourite (I know!) fruit or sweet instead of Apple/Lime.

If you think you're brave enough you could always try mixing with BiteXtra eliquid but it will hit your throat like a Capstan Full Strength on steroids!!


Parma Violets, love 'em or hate 'em there's no denying that they leave their mark. Our Violet flavouring is
so reminiscent of those little purple sweets.

Violet 80% Lemon Sicily 10% Lime Distilled 8% Menthol 2%

For an intense and dark tobacco vape, Tuscan Reserve and Perique Black go well together and will give the
best flavour experience if blended as concentrates and left to steep for at least two weeks - in the bottle, lid on,
out of sunlight, then make a small sample with your unflavoured eliquid to establish flavour percentage and enjoy

Tuscan Reserve 50% Perique Black 40% Vape Wizard 10%

If you're into sweet and fruity flavours then Apricot, Peach, and Honey combine nicely.

Apricot 40% Peach 40% Honey 15% Vape Wizard 5%

Happy mixing and vaping!!


100ml Flavours SPECIAL OFFERS


SoHo - the flavour that shapes the vape!

SoHo is the captivating new eliquid for electronic cigarettes, created to impart an intense, dark, flavour sensation. Born to seduce those more accustomed to elegant Italian notes, SoHo offers a sumptuous, rich, and delicious experience. The name SoHo was inspired by the famous New York neighbourhood which is an epitomic union between modernity, History, and multiculturalism, with SoHo's legendary cast-iron architecture mirroring FlavourArt's strength and beauty. The complexity of the ingredients used to create SoHo influenced our decision to release it only as a uniquely flavoured base. It is currently available in 10ml bottles at strengths of 1.8% (18mg/ml) and 0.9% (9mg/ml).

Cool Ecig and Mod Holders for car, boat, home.

We have a stock of Ego/Mod holders that are bound to be so useful to vapers. A rubber ring with a Neodymium magnet enclosed within it slips snugly around your Ego or Mod and a second magnet attaches using an adhesive pad to the dashboard of your car, boat, truck, or anywhere in the home or office that is convenient. In many cases the magnet in the ring will stick to a metal surface such as a filing cabinet; I have an Ego that sticks to the monitor surround. They come in two sizes, Ego and Mod, with the Mod size suitable for most larger devices such as Provari, Vamo etc. Heavier Mods such as the Provari might require two holders if positioned vertically in the car because of their weight and the jolting caused by potholes etc. I have a Provari that sits horizontally on the dashboard using one holder and it has only broke away once when doing an emergency stop! They are easy to fit and remove from your Ego/Mod and an alcohol wipe is included to clean the surface before attaching the adhesive pad of the second magnet.

I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill!

The European Blueberry, aka Bilberry, has a more intense flavour and is sweet but with a tart edge to it. It's a nice flavour on its own but also lends itself to blending with other flavours. A firm favourite.

Buy 4 and we'll give you another one for free!

When you buy 5 bottles of FlavourArt Ready To Vape eliquid (any strength and flavour) you will receive one of those bottles for FREE and have your Loyalty Points added to your account!

PLEASE NOTE: To activate the FREE product, choose RTV Flavour and RTV Nicotine Strength, then click ADD TO BASKET. Do this five times if you want all different flavours/strengths or increase the quantity if you require more than one of a flavour/strength. Your basket will show 5 bottles with the appropriate discount displayed (the price of 1 bottle). If you wish to buy more, use multiples of 5 (5, 10, 15, 20 etc) and the products will be added to your basket with the correct discount shown. Loyalty Points still apply to your order so you get an even Bigger Bonus!

£1.20 for 10ml Ready To Vape flavoured eliquid!
Limited stock left at this fantastic price.

Here is a special offer not to be missed!! We have a limited number of Ready To Vape flavoured eliquids which we are offering at just £1.20 per 10ml bottle.
The 'use by' date is August 2014 so there is still plenty of time to enjoy them. We have 4 flavours available in 2.4% (24mg/ml).
All of the bottles were manufactured at the FlavourArt facility in Italy. These are a limited stock and when sold will show as 'out of stock'.

July Loyal Customer Giveaway ~ 100ml of eliquid!

As well as our various promotions we are offering one loyal customer a 100ml bottle of Black Jack Vintage Ready To Vape in 1.8% (18mg/ml).

It's a long wait until the end of July so we are going to make a draw on Thursday 17th July so that it can be posted to arrive the following day (if the winner is in the UK!).

All you need to do is place an order between now and midnight on the 16th july and you're in the draw. The winning order number will be chosen at random using the online Random Number Generator.

Good luck and thank you for your business.

Please note the draw is for registered customers only; Trade customers are not eligible, sorry.

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