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French Vapers Speak Out

Wednesday, 4 December 2013  |  FlavourArt UK

Yesterday, the 3rd December, the representatives of the European Parliament met the European Commission and the Council of the EU to determine the future of the electronic cigarette, in a process known as the Trialogue.

The outcome is that the negotiations are deadlocked. The changes proposed by unelected bodies to the status of the electronic cigarette in the EU revealed a blatant disregard for the interests of vapers and smokers alike. They would, however, have served the interests of the tobacco industry. In a democracy, the people’s representatives cannot accept legislation that is so clearly against the interests of their electorate, when an alternative exists that promises to save so many of them from a premature and painful death.

Because the unelected European institutions have publicly revealed their incompetence in this matter, taking into account the doubts about possible collusion with the tobacco industry of the Council’s Lithuanian Presidency, the impartiality and objectivity of the rest of the proceedings cannot be guaranteed. AIDUCE, a responsible and independent association that defends the interests of electronic cigarette users, drawing from the empirical knowledge of experienced vapers, demands the following:

  • That all reference to electronic cigarettes and all assertions made about them be immediately removed from the draft Tobacco Products Directive;
  • That a detailed and objective study, bringing together users, scientific researchers and health professionals, be undertaken as quickly as possible to enable the ultimate definition of a stable legal framework designed truly to benefit the people concerned;
  • That the electronic cigarette is at last considered fairly and pragmatically as a viable and beneficial alternative to smoked tobacco, to be treated neither as a medicine nor a tobacco product, but as a prudently regulated general consumer product.

Reducing the risk to health is a major concern throughout Europe. With one smoker in two dying prematurely from the effects of tobacco, refusing to recognise the risk reduction potential of the electronic cigarette is tantamount to criminal behaviour. The freedom for European citizens to choose and to decide for themselves must be preserved, especially given that scientific research indicates the electronic cigarette is not associated with any serious health risk. The time for procrastination and for spurious posturing is over. We must now endorse the real possibility that eventually and without constraint, a world free of tobacco will emerge thanks to the electronic cigarette.

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