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EU Invite Ecig Black Market

Monday, 9 December 2013  |  FlavourArt UK

EU Invite Ecig Black Market

Two brief quotes from E-Cigarette Politics website.

"When 6 million people are using the black market to get safe products to stay alive, unjust laws cannot survive; a huge black market servicing just half that number of people would probably be impossible for the UK government to ignore and continue pretending that the law is "for the good of the people" rather than purely for commercial benefit."

" The comparative situation is therefore quite clear:
1. Products licensed as medicines can apparently kill and injure without limit.
2. They cannot be removed from the market, no matter the level of death and damage caused.
3. Consumer products are extremely safe in comparison.
4. E-Cigarettes are additionally monitored by an attentive and vocal community.
5. The concept that e-cigarettes could approach even the tiniest fraction of the harm caused by these dangerous licensed products is patently ridiculous.
6. In terms of concrete proof of these points: we already know that e-cigarettes are many thousands of times safer than Chantix. This is irrefutable.
7. We certainly don't want to take a step backward on safety, which it is clear is what medicinal licensing entails. A high death rate and apparently unlimited harm are ignored, and products are protected from removal from the market no matter how ineffective they are and no matter how many deaths they cause."

The Community Safety Factor

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