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Say NO to EU Vaping restrictions.

Sunday, 9 March 2014  |  FlavourArt UK

We would be grateful if you could read the text below which explains briefly what we can do to prevent the EU bureaucrats from denying us the right to vape our choice of eliquid and our choice of devices. The restrictions they have voted for, although not 100% set in stone, would reduce you to using a maximum strength of 20mg/ml in leakproof, 2ml tanks that have leakproof methods of refilling; effectively playing into the hands of the big tobacco companies who are now looking to dominate the vaping industry.

As you may already know, the European Parliament has recently voted to accept the Tobacco Products Directive, including many new restrictions that will have a dramatic effect on Vaping as we know it today.

We at FlavourArt UK are strongly against these restrictions and, if you are reading this, we're sure you are too.

There will be legal challenges in the courts and we should all keep the pressure on our elected representatives (MP's and MEP's) to make our views known. The Vaping community will rally together in many different ways - it always does.

In the meantime, there is an important "initiative" that has already been started - the European Free Vaping Initiative (EFVI).


The EFVI collects signatures of support - *but is much more than just a petition*. It's an official EU process (the EU designed it so we are using their own system against them!).
As such, if enough support for an initiative is gained, the European Commission is committed to :-

1. Meet the organisers so they can explain in detail the issues raised in their initiative
2. The organisers (vapers) will have the opportunity to present their initiative at a public hearing in the European Parliament
3. The Commission will adopt a formal response spelling out what action it will propose in response to the citizens' initiative, if any, and the reasons for doing or not doing so.

For this to happen - we need 55,000 signatures from the UK (and 6 other European countries must also reach their target). Across Europe, we need 1 million signatures, by November 2014.

However much you think the new restrictions will (or will not) affect you personally, please don't let the EU take away the freedom of Vaping choices that we have enjoyed from potential vapers of the future.

We urge you (and your friends, family, work colleagues, neighbours etc etc) to support this initiative as much as possible.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope you can help to keep vaping freely available to all.

Author: FlavourArt UK
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