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Thursday, 31 July 2014  |  John

Getting It Right:-

Over the past six years I have been lucky (sometimes unlucky!) to have tried hundreds of different flavours. One predominant trait seems to be that of over-flavouring eliquid; you often read of vapers using up to 30% flavouring in an eliquid, which seems crazy. UK and US vapers have a penchant for 'in your face' flavours that are strong to the point of overpowering. Go to Italy however and you will find the preference is more for subtlety and complexity. If blended flavours are overdosed they often lose the distinction between the key flavours and can be overtaken by the background flavours. The whole purpose of blending flavours is to create a mixture that has an overall pleasing taste; all of the key flavours should remain in the foreground with the space between them being filled more discreetly with the background flavours that are created during the blending and steeping process. If you painted a picture of five beautiful models on a white background it might look okay. If you added a busy background with lots of brightly coloured elements, the models might be lost or overpowered. If you painted a sympathetic background, say a nice blue sky, sea, sand,and a few palm trees carefully positioned, then you might have a good picture.
It is a similar principle when creating a blend of flavourings and the ultimate aim is to create something that people can savour and enjoy. It might be necessary to re-educate our tastes in order to experience the true complexity of some blends by using smaller amounts in our eliquid. This is something I have been trying for some time and I am once again enjoying vaping more without my taste buds being assaulted by intense flavours. There is so much pleasure in being able to hear each member of the flavour orchestra rather than just the bang of the drum, the strident notes of the horns, or the clash of symbals. Some will be more prominent but they should all blend together to create the perfect symphony with each note harmonised.

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