Apple Fuji
The flavour, Fuji, was designed by FA Italy to be a refreshing but vibrant vape. Fuji is a specific Apple Flavour that is succulent, crisp, fresh, and sweet, just like the Fuji Apple variety that is so popular but which is so often unavailable in the UK as it is only grown in certain climatic conditions. The Fuji Apple was originally created by mating Red Delicious and Ralls Janet varieties to give the best of both fruits and our Fuji Flavour reflects this. It is lovely to vape as an individual flavour in eliquid and also lends itself to blending with other flavours. It is honestly the best Apple Flavour I have tasted in over six years in this business!
Aurora… a complex Lime interpretation with a subtle background, very refreshing.
Black Cherry
This is a more intense Cherry flavour with a rich, dark body.
Black Fire
An intense smokey character with mellow caramel undertone.
Black Jack Vintage
Black Jack Vintage was inspired by my memories of being able to buy sweets called Black Jacks four for a penny, an old, pre-decimal penny in the 1960s! The unmistakeable dark aniseed taste, enhanced with a couple of other background flavours, is reproduced as an eliquid you can vape and savour. One definite advantage of vaping Black Jack is that it will not turn your tongue black as the sweets used to! Nowadays the sweets just turn it grey. In today's currency, one 1960s Black Jack would cost just 0.1042 pence, ah nostalgia isn't what it used to be!
Black Pearl
A well-balanced blend of Pear and Blackcurrant makes this a tantalising flavour. The distinct taste of Blackcurrant is prominent, but then the subtle, underlying Pear flavour comes through.
Cam Blend
Cam Blend is a fine choice from the Ultimate project by FlavourArt and is a luxurious blend of spicy, woody and sweet notes. This is a good all-day vape with a real tobacco taste.
Indulge yourself in the forbidden world of vaping pleasure, but be warned, you might never leave! How can one man give so much pleasure to so many people? This smooth, delicious, creamy Caramel creation oozes onto the palate and languishes shamelessly!
Cigar Passion
If you are looking for the flavour of a good Cuban, Cigar Passion is the one that reproduces the fine notes that can be perceived on the exhale of the famous cigars. For the most intense sensations, we recommend vaping it just as smoking a cigar, slow puffs, exhaling from the nose or mouth without inhaling it.
Fresh and dreamy like a Pacific Atoll, the distinctive flavour of coconut is a joy to the palate and lends itself to a variety of 'cocktails' using Rhum, R&B, Cola etc. Whether you use Velvet Cloud eliquid for a lovely smooth vape, BiteXtra eliquid with the extra throat-hit, or Traditional eliquid base, the tropical taste of the Coconut will enhance the experience.
Cowboy is a distinct tobacco flavour in the mid-range, not too sweet or harsh and suitable for blending with other flavours.
Cuban Supreme
The finest blended leaf from the sunny island of Cuba, this is one for those sultry evenings when you have eaten and drunk well and need a full-bodied vape to smoke into the night. This is a palatial tobacco , fragrant, with complex nuances.
Dark Vapure
This is certainly one of my favourite flavours and carries the taste of strong, dark tobacco that is long-lasting and sharp with dark cocoa nuances. I mix this in equal parts with Perique for an extremely seductive combination.
Dusk is a soft and very delicate tobacco, suitable for use all day long. Wisely combines the soft taste of licorice with a background of fine tobacco and wood. We recommend use it 4%
Like a rich, deep, chocolate mint with feint floral notes along with spice and cocoa.
Espresso Coffee
Experience the intensity of Italian coffee, dark and rich with the distinctive Espresso hit.
Golden Rollie - Top Draw
I have been asked so many times if I could create a flavour like Golden Virginia, so I spent some time and have found a blend that is a tribute to the 'baccy I smoked for many years. You will never get the exact taste of smoking a rollie (who would want to taste burning tobacco again?!), but this is as near to the flavour as I can get and it's a very nice vape.
A clever variation on the Nutty Tobacco theme with a musky Turkish note.
So nutty it's amazing solo or in so many blends.
Jamaica Rhum
Satisfy your Caribbean cravings with this sumptuous Rum flavour. With secret spices and the inimitable rich tang of molasses this truly is a flavour to capture. Mixed with Cola it's totally tropical! Add a dash of Cinnamon and blend with BiteXtra eliquid to make a Spiced Rum with a real kick!
A biscuit flavour fresh from the baker's oven with Meringue and Caramel to tease your taste buds.
King Arthur's Pipe
A blended pipe tobacco with Eastern and Turkish influence that is overflowing with flavour. This is not particularly suited to those preferring a delicate and light vape.
Latakia ia a mature old-style blend of the finest tobacco leaves, gently smoke-cured over an oakwood fire. A deep taste that transports you to the wild prairie, enjoying hot coffee under the stars at the side of a camp fire.
Layton Blend
A very special tobacco flavor, we could say unique. Its flavour features intense and fruity notes, inspired by the classic flavours for electronic cigarette.
Glycyrrhiza glabra, or Licorice, is another of our flavours that is widely used for medicinal and recreational purposes. It has a distinct, sweet flavour and is often used in confectionary. Licorice is a very morish e-liquid flavour and is awesome when used with BiteXtra eliquid and Vape Wizard to give a full, rich taste with thick vapour. Mix equal parts with Anise and you're in vape heaven!
Maxx Blend
Maxx Blend is a fitting tribute to its namesake and creator. This is a rich, full, and slightly spicy mixture with a good hit. Another of my favourite all-day vapes that satisfies.
Menthol Arctic
cool, fresh, icy, glacial. Brrrr....
Fresh Raspberry with a finely blended selection of red fruits.
A full bodied background that blends well with delicate floreal top notes. Light on vape but with personality. Use from 2% in eliquid
Powerful Perique is the strongest and darkest of the Tobak range with a harsh edginess and probably the most similar to real cigarette smoke. Braves can vape it on its own, but it can be used to impart strong notes to aromatic tobacco flavour, a tough guy for tough vapers. When I feel like experiencing the ultimate in indulgence, I vape a mix of Perique and Dark Vapure, it is just about too good for words!
Royal captures the taste of a once smoked cigarette that you can no longer remember the name of! It's a pleasantly woody flavour but retains the clarity of all Max's creations. It reminds me of Park Drive's richer cousin with a real feel of the good old days.
RY4 (Legend)
RY4 delivers the full-on flavour that many vapers long for, a distinct tobacco taste with a slight nuttiness and an authentic RY4 sensation. This is perfect as an all day vape, a base for adding extra flavours, or as a welcome change to other tobacco flavours. RY4 forms the base for our RY4 Nutzilla ready-to-vape eliquid and is a delightful blend that is nuttier and fuller. Add in a little Über Menthol and you're close to perfection!
RY4 Nutzilla
RY4 Nutzilla is the result of many formulations and countless tasting sessions. Now we have what was described on Vapour Trails TV by Dave Kitson, The Happy Vaper, as 'a work of genius'. The flavour balance has been perfected to make this a thoroughly enjoyable vaping experience and one that you can enjoy all day and night. I am as proud of this as I am of the Black Jack Vintage and it inspires me to create even more.
Key elements from seven different blends combine to create a sublime flavour. The seven chosen were, fire cured, bright leaf, burley, shade, perique, latakia, oriental, which together offer a tobacco flavour which can still be used as a base for further developments. FlavourArt 7Leaves exudes a nice dry and radiant note, with light undertones of dried leaves, woody nuances and a spicy edge. When vaped, it keeps its promises and delivers a delicate and light taste, making for a pleasant vaping experience.
SoHo is the captivating new eliquid for electronic cigarettes, created to impart an intense, dark, flavour sensation. Born to seduce those more accustomed to elegant Italian notes, SoHo offers a sumptuous, rich, and delicious experience. The name SoHo was inspired by the famous New York neighbourhood which is an epitomic union between modernity, History, and multiculturalism, with SoHo's legendary cast-iron architecture mirroring FlavourArt's strength and beauty.
A gentle tobacco with sweetness and fruit undertones.
The Queen of the fruits has been truly honoured with this beautiful blend, bursting with the sweet and juicy flavour of Strawberry. If you have tasted the incredible Strawberries at Rushen Abbey on the Isle of Man you will not be at all disappointed with this creation, so good you could put a large blob of fresh cream on it!
An Italian classic, the popular coffee-flavoured dessert is made of lady’s fingers dipped in coffee, layered with a whipped mixture of eggs, sugar, and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa. Now you can enjoy the flavour in the vapour.
Tuscan Reserve
One of the most popular flavours based on the 'Toscano', the finest Italian cigar. Tuscan offers a nice, smooth and delicate cigar flavour with a hint of charcoal smokiness in the background. An excellent vape after a robust dinner and one which lends itself to blending with other flavours.
Tutti Frutti (Blenderize)
A bubblegum taste explosion!!
Vanilla Classic
Also known as 'Madagascar', this is the Pure vanilla flavour with nothing added.
Virginia is a traditional mild, light and aromatic mix that you can use all day and night. A must try for all tobacco enthusiasts and one which will no doubt satisfy.