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DIY Eliquid Mixing Kit (with Nicotine)

DIY Eliquid Mixing Kit (with Nicotine)
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We have updated the specification of our DIY Kit to make it more cost-effective and to be compliant with the TRPR 2016 (TPD) regulations. All kits will now be supplied with eliquid at 1.8% (18mg/ml) as standard. 

There is a mixing guide included with your kit along with a link to a simple online ejuice recipe calculator that will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient to add to make the strength you require. If you need any advice or further help, you can either email or call us and we will take you through the whole process if necessary.

Scroll down the page to see descriptions of the 220 flavours available.

The DIY Kit offers a choice of eliquid bases to suit your requirements. They are Traditional 50/50 PG/VG, Velvet Cloud all VG.
Blending your own flavoured eliquid is quite easy, as long as you follow a few tried and tested methods and treat your eliquid with due respect. Just choose your 5 flavours and the type of Nicotine liquid you require and we will assemble your kit for you. We have created a Mixing Guide aimed at those relatively new to DIY and a copy will be included with your kit.
From sweet Strawberry and Cream to Rum and Cola to Rich Blended Tobacco, you will be able to create your own custom flavours. The more complex blends using multiple flavourings do take more time to develop to perfection, but as your knowledge, experience, and confidence grows, you will be able to blend flavours to tantalise your tastebuds. We'll even start you off with our line up of flavour recipes to get you going, click here to view Free Recipes.


Eliquid Bases

Please note that your eliquid will be supplied in 1.8% (18mg/ml) Nicotine Strength.

Mixing is quite easy but please remember that Nicotine is a toxic substance and Nitrile gloves should be worn when handling Nicotine liquid. Eliquid contains Nicotine which can be absorbed through the skin. Care must be taken to avoid contact with skin, mouth and eyes. Should contact occur, wash with plenty of fresh running water. Our eliquid is bottled in containers with Child Resistant Closures. However, eliquid should always remain out of reach and sight of children and animals. Eliquid might be harmful to the environment and should not be allowed to enter the watercourse.

To make it easy to calculate ingredient percentages/amounts, download the eJuice Recipe Calculator or eJuice Me Up Calculator; both excellent tools for working out how much to use and for storing and sharing recipes.

Your Mixing Kit comes with all you need to get started and a guide that is an introduction to mixing. We have created an online Mixing Guide so you can have a read in advance. There are a number of comprehensive guides on mixing eliquid and also a wealth of information, recipes, help and advice on the UK Vapers website; the Mixology section is particularly useful for finding answers to your questions. The table below shows what is included in your DIY Mixing Kit and you will see that it represents a significant saving compared to buying the items individually.

Please do not try to clean the PET bottles or Syringes by boiling them as it can affect the structural integrity of the bottles and the syringe markings.





 10  10ml Bottles of 1.8% (18mg/ml) unflavouredEliquid in choice of type, 50/50 VG/PG, or all VG


 2  100ml Bottles of VG (Glycerol) for diluting eliquid


2  100ml Bottles of PG (Propylene Glycol) for diluting eliquid


5 10ml Concentrated Flavourings of your choice


 12  10ml clear Child-resistant dropper bottles with labels and tactile triangles


 2  10ml Luer-slip graduated syringes with plastic safety needle


 2  1ml Luer-slip graduated syringes with plastic safety needle


 2   Pair of Nitrile gloves suitable for mixing eliquid


 1   Protective plastic apron  






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Tuesday, 10 March 2015  | 

Just received my kit today and I am very pleased with the quality of it. Definitely enjoy the flavour of the concentrates and the Velvet Cloud base is great. Would refer this kit to anyone. Only thing missing is a mixing bottle.

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Fantastic kit
Tuesday, 17 February 2015  | 

Received the diy kit today and have made 3 ejuices so far with the help of an ejuice calculator. The syringes quality along with the bottles that are supplied.

Only tried three flavours so far but they all taste good when vaping. I have a lot to learn but have done a lot of reading and an ejuice calculator really does help. This is a great starter kit with quality ingredients supplied. I am looking forward to brewing up the rest of the flavours I picked and then progressing into mixing flavours.

Thanks for a great kit.

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Not that impressed
Saturday, 15 February 2014  | 

Disappointed with the plastic products in this kit.

The syringes were rendered useless after the first mix, as the scale printed on the side dissapeared the first time I rinsed the syringes out. Better off using dropper bottles to measure out liquids.

The bottles are similarly low quality. They retain the smell from any dtrong liquid you make in them, and if you try to put them into hot water to remove the smell, they will just melt.

I have since bought better bottles and glass syringes. Further outlay on top of what was already quite an expensive kit for what you get.

Sorry but I had to be honest.

As for the flavours, they are what they are - set ecpectations accordingly, you are not going to be making unique flavours with a £50 kit, when the companies who create flavours throw tens of thousands of pounds at their business.

If you want to make professional flavours, become a professional and buy professional kit - because a lot of people will buy this kit thinking they can create the next must have flavour and its just not going to happen at this level of mixing.

Reply from John, FlavourArt UK Director:

We have a policy of publishing reviews whether they are positive or not as they help us to maintain and improve our service and quality. However, I have to admit to being a little concerned by the claims made in the above review with regard to the equipment supplied.
I have been using the same UK supplier for syringes for five years and have never had a problem with their products. The syringes are of a good quality for the price and the graduated markings last quite a while before they begin to fade; bear in mind that these are 50p syringes that are designed for one-use medical applications. The main cause of fading is Nicotine and leaving them immersed in Nicotine solution will accelerate the fading, but they are not meant for that and should be rinsed immediately after use. Any residue can be cleaned using a proprietary anti-bacterial cleaner before rinsing thoroughly. We use the same syringes for Nicotine liquid and they still have clear markings after weeks of regular use in high concentrate Nicotine solutions, so I don't understand how the markings could disappear after just one rinse, unless they were boiled in water maybe? The bottles are designed to hold eliquid and do that perfectly well; they can also be refilled several times, but changing from one strong flavour to another without any residual tainting of flavour is not a reasonable expectation. They can be cleaned with the anti-bacterial solution or sterilising fluid and that will remove most of the flavour; they can also be washed in hot water without any noticable negative effect to their structural integrity. The only way to distort the clear PET bottles is to immerse them in boiling water; we didn't think that anyone would do that but we will now add a warning against it on the product page and in the mixing guide.

I have to disagree with regard to making unique flavours. It doesn't matter whether you use a 'professional kit' or basic measuring and mixing equipment, you can create lovely blends; I know because it is what I do for a living using the same flavours that are on sale. The main ingredient for any mixologist is patience and lots of it; it can take several months, sometimes longer, for me to develop and fine tune a new blend and over 90% of my original recipes never make it to market because I'm fastidious about what I vape and if it's not good enough for me then it is scrapped. I doubt if anyone buying a Starter Kit thinks they can create the next must have flavour; they are buying it to start on their journey into mixology, but they might also find that they have a passion for it and go on to create wonderful eliquid that others can enjoy, I hope so. However, this is a journey of learning with lots of trial and error, lots of note-taking and recording of recipes, lots of waiting for concentrates to steep before they can be sampled. You really do not need to throw tens of thousands of pounds at a business to make it successful, you just need to have the right intention. The review contradicts itself on this point, which is a shame as I feel the writer maybe expected to become a professional overnight. I have been working with eliquid for over five years and I am still learning every day; I use flavours and syringes and bottles to create my new blends, no 'professional kit' whatever that might be!

John Chamley.

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Excellent value
Saturday, 18 January 2014  | 

Excellent value package and great service. The only small issue is with one of the concentrate bottles leaking slightly and making some of the labels unreadable.
I would recommend this starter kit to anyone thinking about mixing their own.

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Thank you for your review. We have now changed the bottles for the 4ml liquids and hope this will stop any future leaks. Kind regards

DIY Mixing Kit Review
Saturday, 18 January 2014  | 

Loving the flavours from FlavourArt, I received the DIY Mixing Kit, which I got to pick out 10 flavours of my choice in 4ml bottles, along with 100ml of Nicotine, PG, and VG. Along with that you also get syringes and bottles. 4ml of these liquids goes a long ways because this juice seems to be very intense and some recipes only need a few drops in a batch to make great flavour.

My only complaint was that many of the flavour bottles had leaked during the shipping process, which was quite messy and gave the package quite an aroma.

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5 of 5 people found this review helpful.

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