Wednesday, 3 June 2020  |  John
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1 CommentTuesday, 31 March 2020  |  John

We are open for retail and trade customers who need supplies. Please allow a little extra time for delivery as Royal Mail and courier services are extremely busy. If you need help or advise, please email and we will respond. We ask you to email as we are running the admin side from our homes in order to give maximum protection to our small team of staff who are assembling and shipping your orders; their health and wellbeing is of vital importance.We have good stock levels, but please do not leave it until you have almost run out before ordering.Stay home, stay safe, keep everyone else safe.

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2 CommentsThursday, 8 May 2014  |  FlavourArt UK
My Life My Choice

So, at just twelve years old I embarked on my epic smoking journey, yes what an idiot, just like millions of other idiots across the whole of the world. At first it was the cool thing to do,
but it very soon became an integral part of my life, a part that I couldn’t be without, and so it went for over forty smoky, lung-destroying, health-sapping, stinking years.

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