Liquido Zero Nicotine-free Eliquid.

Saturday, 3 January 2015  |  John

Ready To Vape Nicotine-free eliquid, flavoured or unflavoured.

Liquido Zero is not a new concept, it was first developed by FlavourArt in 2010 to offer vapers an alternative to Nicotine eliquid. The brief was to create a vapable liquid that has the recognisable 'throat-hit' but without the Nicotine that normally provides most of that throat-hit. We have received enquiries from more and more people who want to either reduce their Nicotine use or stop using it altogether, but who still want to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of vaping flavoured liquid. The demand has now reached a level we feel warrants a specialised product for those who wish to go Nicotine free, our Zero Heroes!

Liquido Zero is offered in seven levels of concentration which correspond approximately to the kind of throat-hit attributed to eliquids between 45mg/ml and 10mg/ml. Our BiteXtra eliquid enhancer is used at varying percentages to create the throat-hit effect; we have four years of feedback from customers who have used it and we have designed the new Liquido Zero based on their experiences. It is available in 100ml bottles for just £8 including flavouring of your choice.
100% gives a type of throat-hit you might get with 45mg/ml eliquid, 75% a 35mg/ml eliquid, 50% a 25mg/ml eliquid, 20% a 15mg/ml eliquid, 10% a 10ml/mg eliquid.

The base for Liquido Zero is available in three ratios: 50/50 PG/VG, All PG, All VG. The BiteXtra enhancer that is added is a fixed ratio of <59% Propylene Glycol EP, <40% (Veg) Glycerol EP, <1% Plant extract EFSA. The All VG base option will smooth out the throat-hit but can mute the flavour a little, so we would add extra flavouring for you if that option is selected.

Liquido Zero can be flavoured with any of the flavourings listed on our website, over 150 of them, so you can vape your favourite flavour free from Nicotine but with the satisfying throat-hit. Just use the boxes to select your strength and flavour choices and we do the rest for you; a liquid customised to your preferences.

Full details with available options can be found on the Liquido Zero page.

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