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Nicotine Free Eliquid Mixing Kit

Nicotine Free Eliquid Mixing Kit
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Now you can save even more money! 10mls of Nicotine-free eliquid for less than 50p!

Scroll down the page to see descriptions of over the 200 flavours available.

The Nicotine-free DIY Kit comes with enough liquid to make over 1 Litre of flavoured eliquid and mixing it is quite simple. Use the PG/VG/AVG as your base and add flavouring at your preferred percentage, ready to go! Virtually all of the flavourings offered are good to mix, shake, and vape with the exception of any Custard flavours which do require to be steeped for two weeks or more once mixed, this is common with Custard mixes.
Your kit comes with an easy to understand Mixing Guide so you can be vaping your favourite flavoured eliquid in just a few minutes.

Blending your own flavoured eliquid is quite easy and most satisfying, just choose your 10 flavours and the choice of base you require and we will assemble your kit for you. We have created a Mixing Guide aimed at those relatively new to DIY and you can see it here Nicotine-free Mixing Guide.
From sweet Strawberry and Cream to Rum and Cola to Rich Blended Tobaccos, you will be able to create your own custom flavours. The more complex blends using multiple flavourings do take more time to develop to perfection, but as your knowledge, experience, and confidence grows, you will be able to blend flavours to tantalise your tastebuds. We'll even start you off with a selection of flavour recipes to get you going, click here to view Free Recipes.

To make it easy to calculate ingredient percentages/amounts, download the eJuice Me Up Calculator; it's an excellent tool for working out how much to use and for storing and sharing recipes. It's free to download but you can donate something if you wish. 

Your Mixing Kit comes with all you need to get started and a guide that is an introduction to mixing. We have created a Mixing Guide so you can have a read in advance. There are a number of comprehensive guides on mixing eliquid and also a wealth of information, recipes, help and advice on the UK Vapers website; the Mixology section is particularly useful for finding answers to your questions. The table below shows what is included in your DIY Mixing Kit and you will see that it represents a significant saving compared to buying the items individually.

Please note, AVG (Aqueous Vegetable Glycol) is VG diluted with 20% distilled water to thin it out a little, this helps to prevent clogging or wicking problems.

Please do not try to clean the PET bottles or Syringes by boiling them as it can affect the structural integrity of the bottles and the syringe markings.




 2  500ml VG or AVG or PG for diluting your flavours.
 1  100ml Flash Hit Enhancer (BiteXtra) for added throat-hit.
 10  10ml Concentrated Flavourings of your choice.
 10  10ml clear Child-resistant dropper bottle with labels.
5  50ml HDPE Child-resistant dropper bottle with labels.
5  100ml HDPE Child-resistant dropper bottle with labels.
 2  10ml Luer-slip graduated syringe with plastic safety needle.
 2  1ml Luer-slip graduated syringe with plastic safety needle.
 2   Pair of Nitrile gloves suitable for mixing eliquid.
 2   Protective plastic apron.




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