What is Perla?

Perla is an "eGo-standard" electronic cigarette that surpasses models currently on the market in terms of its reliability and with its hyper-efficient cartomizers, which are produced in accordance with the ‘Cisco Spec’, a set of design and performance specifications established by a renowned U.S. ‘modder’ and which are now widely acclaimed as best-in-class.

How is it different than a traditional eGo ?

The main difference between the Perla and "traditional electronic cigarettes" is that all of the Perla components are chosen and tailored for maximum power without ever losing sight of the ease of use.
All of the techno-wizardry and magic is done for you in the heart of the Perla, so all you have to do is press the button and enjoy the experience.


Perla utilises Innovative Technology to create the ultimate "atomizer system" for the Horizontal Coil Cartomizers which, compared to vertical coil cartomizers, allow flavors to propagate evenly and efficiently from the first to the very last puff.
The Perla’s ‘Cisco Spec’ (a set of key technical parameters for the creation of resistance), its assembly, and the creative use of perfectly matched and aesthetically pleasing materials, makes Perla unique in this category and offers you the most rewarding vaping experience.

Cutting-edge battery.

The batteries contained in the Perla kit are manufactured using hi-quality lithium cells and a cutting-edge logic board, the brainpower that computes all variables to maximise efficiency.
The voltage is regulated to maintain a constant output, ensuring an end-to-end pleasurable vape with no battery fade throughout its cycle.
The anti-slip surface coating is stylish, tactile, and allows you to comfortably hold the battery without it slipping from your grasp.
The Perla kit includes two different batteries to suit your individual needs, one compact 650mah offering 4-5 hours usage before recharging, and the second, longer one with 1000mah for maximum durability of around 10 hours use.


We have created a truly versatile kit, enabling you to configure your Perla in 8 different modes to suit all of your requirements.
With two batteries , two cones, and two different cartomizers, you can easily vary the size of your Perla, the operating temperature, and the liquid contained inside.


Thanks to the use of standard 510/eGo connectors, your Perla battery can be connected to any compatible atomizer system (Phantom, CE4, CE5, CE6, 510, 306, etc.).
You can also use Perla cartomizers on a standard eGo battery, but obviously the performance might not be as optimal as on the Perla battery.
Due to the unique technology of the Perla batteries, it is recommended that they are charged only with an original Perla battery charger, as charging the batteries with a non-original Perla charger will invalidate the warranty and might cause damage to the batteries.

Technical Specifications:

Constant voltage ~ 3.4 V
Cartomizers Resistance: ~ 2.0/2.2 ohms
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