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Traditional Flavourings 10ml

Traditional Flavourings 10ml
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Please note these are Flavour Concentrates and must be diluted before use.

The 50ml bottles will not be filled to the top as the actual capacity is 65ml. The bottles however will contain more than 50ml as we always overfill by 2ml.

Tobacco flavoured e-liquid is still very popular, so we have an excellent range of concentrated tobacco flavourings that you can add to your creations. You can also create blended tobacco flavours for more depth and to suit your personal tastes.
Here you will find the classic FlavourArt Tobacco flavour concentrates.
We also stock a Blended Flavour range which includes a number of blended Tobacco flavours. Our Blended flavours are all created using FlavourArt classic concentrates with many of them now manufactured at the FlavourArt facility near Milan.

The 'Tobacco' range features an eclectic selection of concentrated Tobacco flavours. As well as being able to select them as added flavours on the Personal Service page, you can add your own favourite Tobacco flavours to whatever creations you wish to give a unique, distinct flavour.
We suggest starting at around 3%, but some people prefer more discreet flavours and some more intense, so start low and add more if required.

We have tried to make the ordering process as easy as possible by having all Tobacco choices on one page.
The tab below leads to a brief description of each flavour, just click on the name to expand it.
When you have made your choice, just select your flavour in the box above and click 'Add to Cart'.
If you require a number of flavours, just repeat the selection process for each one.

Tobacco, Black Fire, Burley, Cam Blend, Cigar Passion, Cowboy, Cuban Supreme, Dark Vapure, Desert Ship, Dusk, Glory, Hypnotic Myst, Latakia, Liquid Amber, Maxx Blend, Mellow Sunset, oRYental 4, Ozone, Perique, Reggae Night, Royal, RY4 Legend, Seven Leaves, Shade, SoHo, Storm, oRYental 4, Tuscan Reserve, Virginia, Zen Garden Gold Golden Rollie Rhapsody

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Desert ship
Thursday, 7 June 2018  | 

This could have been nice but for that awful lemon tang, nothing like tobacco.
Gives a very dry mouth and is just nasty

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Sorry to read you did not enjoy the Desert Ship. It is actually one of the most popular FA Tobaccos but everyone has diffrent tastes.

What does stand out is the lemon tang, there is no lemon or citrus used for this tobacco flavour so not sure how this has come through.

Our first instinct is that it has been mixed too highly - not sure what percentage you used but we only tend to mix Desert Ship at 1%-2%.

Thanks, FlavouArt.
Tuesday, 6 September 2016  | 

As Usual from FlavourArt, I ordered late Sunday, delivered Tuesday morning. After buying from various other suppliers, I've come to the conclusion that FlavourArt vendor what I believe to be the best products available, and post it snappy!

I've never moved away from enjoying tobacco flavours, but have progressed from trying to capture the flavours I remember as a smoker.

I keep it simple, and my daily vapes are now Desert Ship or RY4 with a dash of fruit flavouring... Black Cherry, Raspberry or Blackcurrant add a freshness to my vape... mmmh!

My latest order included the two tobaccos and two 10ml botts Black Cherry, which will last me for a couple of months. Sorted!

Thanks again FlavourArt.

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golden rollie
Saturday, 20 August 2016  | 

4 stars only because your never going to get anything the same as a roll up/golden virginia ,, but this is the best tobacco ive come across yet,,instant thumbs up on the first inhale, using at %4-6,,,,50ml bottle ordered

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Hypnotic Myst
Thursday, 28 July 2016  | 

Incredibly, deliciously decadent!
Subtle yet oh so good. I'm so glad I found you. Its difficult to describe the taste. I'm getting faint tobacco with slight taste of ale. Its like sitting in a pub garden on a warm summer's day.

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Ozone - Head Shop Deja vu!
Sunday, 14 September 2014  | 

Mixed at 5% 18mg 50/50 - What can I say? Remember that run of "Hippy Shops" late 70's mid 80's? Well this is them! A musty old shop full of cheap ethnic leather goods, Patchouli oil, and josh sticks. Head shop de javu, but definitely not unpleasant, and one I'll keep in stock as a regular to come back to now and again. When you vape this, you'll more than likely be thinking (or shouting) WTF!! but I bet you finish the tank full. I'm glad that I bought it.

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Dusk is tops
Wednesday, 28 May 2014  | 

A rollie smoker for 45 years I want a tobacco type vape. Can't get into fruit or sweet flavours.
Wasted heaps of $ from US suppliers but all were too sweet or just Yuk.
Dusk, desert ship and seven suit me perfectly and all rate 5 stars. Not so keen on leyton and shade. Haven't tried any others since I used the first three.
Service from FAUK also rate 5 stars. Emails answered immediately and willing to advise and make recommendation.
Couldn't be happier

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maxx tobacco
Monday, 10 February 2014  | 

Gives excellent flavour to e cig liquid. Closest I've found to the rolling tobacco I used when smoking.

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Latakia Tones
Monday, 13 January 2014  | 

Since I stated vaping I have been trying to get a authentic pipe flavour and with no success until I came across Flavour Art's site. I haven't started complete mixing yet but just mixing e juices that that I have and adding flavours, The Latakia flavour has certainly got smokey flavours but not quite the bonfire flavour of a true latakia tobacco, but close.

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Cam Blend
Thursday, 9 January 2014  | 

Stunning,it reminds me of the old camel cigarettes but in a good way,I vape it at 4 per cent and is simply wonderful my favourite vape

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The Best RY4
Monday, 30 December 2013  | 

As the title says this is the best RY4 I've tried and I have tried many different ones, I always come back to flavourart for it now, I mix a few drops of dulce de leche with it and a splash of vape wizard 50/50 and its lush my all day vape :0)

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