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Eliquid for Over 18s onlyYou must be over the age of 18 and of legal age in your country of residence to purchase and/or use products from this website. Please keep all products safely out of the reach and sight of children and pets. Electronic cigarettes are for use by smokers only and non-smokers should not use our product because of the addictive nature of nicotine. Do not use if you are pregnant, suffer from heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, diabetes, any other medical conditions. Consult your Doctor if you are taking medication. Nicotine is highly toxic. It is toxic if swallowed and toxic in contact with the skin. In the event of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately and show the label from the product you have been using.

Flavours To Go are concentrated flavours made by Flavourart Italy and can be added to unflavoured e liquid.

BiteXtra is unflavoured Nicotine e-liquid in various Nicotine strengths and in 'Full Hit' or 'Smooth' throat-hit.
'That's Nice’ is our special range of blended flavours using Flavourart concentrates.
FA Ready-To-Vape is the new range of flavoured eliquid from FA Italy.

FlavourArt concentrated flavourings and Ready-To-Vape (RTV) eliquid are fast becoming the brand of choice worldwide. Produced in FA's  state-of-the-art facility in the beautiful Italian countryside, west of Milan, to exacting standards of quality and safety, FlavourArt liquids  set the industry standard.
The Clearstream Protocol and ongoing testing of products has proven that the extensive reinvestment into development and safety inspires customer confidence. FlavourArt UK is the UK Distributor for FA products and supplies via the e-commerce website and direct to Trade Customers. If you have an enquiry, please Email us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

'Vaping ejuice' is a new phrase, but it simply means you can refill your electronic cigarette cartridges or tanks with your favourite e liquid. If you have arrived here via a quit smoking website, don't worry; although we don't sell the orthodox NRT patches, gum, inhalers etc, we do suggest an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Our eliquid substitutes vapour for dirty smoke and takes away the risks associated with the tar and chemicals found in cigarettes. Smoking just got clean! FlavourArt UK will look after all your eliquid requirements, delivering high quality, excellent value, and the best in personal service. What's more, our flavours are very, very tasty! We supply retail and wholesale eliquid and flavourings to the UK and worldwide.

Smoking Harm Reduction is a smoker-friendly solution offering smokers an alternative to orthodox therapies.
The simple aim is for smokers to smoke less cigarettes in order to reduce the known harm they can cause.
Every single cigarette that you don't smoke is a positive reinforcement and 'one less nail in the coffin'.

Please note that some tanks/clearomisers are made from polycarbonate which we feel is not suitable for
eliquid use as some flavours might affect its structural integrity causing it to craze or crack. Please check
that your tank is made from a suitable material that is not affected by flavours such as Aniseed or Citrus.
We hope that all manufacturers will follow the trend towards pyrex or suitable plastics.

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Warning: Nitrile gloves should be worn when handling Nicotine liquids. Refill liquids contain Nicotine which can be absorbed through the skin. Care must be taken to avoid contact with skin, mouth and eyes. Should contact occur, wash with plenty of fresh running water. Our refill liquids are bottled in containers with Child Resistant Closures. However, refill liquids should always remain out of reach and sight of children and animals. Refill liquids might be harmful to the environment and should not be allowed to enter the watercourse.

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