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All About Taste

Over the past six years I have been lucky (sometimes unlucky!) to have tried hundreds of different flavours. One predominant trait seems to be that of over-flavouring eliquid; you often read of vapers using up to 30% flavouring in an eliquid, which seems crazy.

Zen And The Art Of Mixing Eliquid

There are two guides below, one for mixing with eliquids that contain Nicotine, and one for Nicotine-free eliquids.

It is important you understand that Nicotine liquid is toxic and is potentially harmful/lethal to humans and animals.

Changing DIY mixing for the better, forever

I have been working with eliquids since October 2008, including helping to develop the first UK manufactured eliquid, ECOpure, which launched in April 2009. I still have the same passion, as I am a vaper who likes to create new blended Flavours, over 60 since 2012, which I consider good enough for the market.

Common Sense - The Key To Safer Vaping

If someone dies because they didn't wear a seat belt, we do not ban all vehicles, we remind people to wear seat belts.
If someone has an allergic reaction attributed to peanuts, we do not ban peanuts, we advise them to not eat any products containing peanuts.
Knowledge, not ignorance, is how to keep people safe.

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