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100ml of Ready To Vape Nicotine-free eliquid, flavoured or unflavoured, with extra throat-hit if required.

Free 10ml Syringe with every order for 100ml


Liquido Zero is not a new concept, it was first developed by FlavourArt in 2010 to offer vapers an alternative to Nicotine eliquid. The brief was to create a vapable liquid that has the recognisable 'throat-hit' but without the Nicotine that normally provides most of that throat-hit. We have received enquiries from more and more people who want to either reduce their Nicotine use or stop using it altogether, but who still want to enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of vaping flavoured liquid. The demand has now reached a level we feel warrants a specialised product for those who do not wish to vape Nicotine , our Zero Heroes!

Liquido Zero is offered in multiple levels of throat-hit but,
If you are accustomed to low Nicotine strength eliquid, start with the lowest percentage of throat-hit, 3%, as the hit can be quite pronounced and possibly too harsh if you go for the higher percentages. You could always add a 10ml or 100ml bottle of Flash Hit Enhancer to your order so that you can increase the throat-hit if required.

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Liquido Zero is available in three options: 50/50 PG/VG, PG biased, VG biased. The Flash Hit enhancer that is added is a fixed ratio of <59% Propylene Glycol EP, <40% (Veg) Glycerol EP, <2% Plant extract (EFSA approved food use). The All VG base option will smooth out the throat-hit but can mute the flavour a little, so we would add extra flavouring for you if that option is selected.

PLEASE NOTE: The Flash Hit enhancer is PG/VG based, so your Liquido Zero will always contain some PG and VG, the higher percentage throat-hit you choose, the more PG it will contain. AVG (Aqueous Vegetable Glycol - VG + 20% Distilled Water) will be used for most percentages of throat-hit in the VG biased liquids to ensure the liquid wicks freely and does not clog up.

Liquido Zero can be flavoured with any of the flavourings listed on our website, over 200 of them, so you can vape your favourite flavour free from Nicotine but with the satisfying throat-hit. Just use the boxes to select your strength and flavour choices and we do the rest for you; a liquid customised to your preferences. You can see a full list of our flavours, with descriptions, further down the page.

When vaping Liquido Zero for the first time, take gentle short drags to get the feel of it; sucking like an industrial vacuum cleaner can give you a bit of a surprise with the increased throat-hit.

For those who mix their own eliquids and flavours, our Flash Hit Enhancer is available in 10ml and 100ml bottles.


Ever since the first Ecigs started to arrive from China there has been little questioning on the Nicotine strengths. At one time 24mg/ml (2.4%) was considered 'Extra High', then some used 30mg/ml then 36mg/ml, and were labelled by some as crazy; but no-one seems to ask who decided on those figures and why.

Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos concluded that the level of Nicotine required for an Ecig to mimic an average cigarette in the delivery of Nicotine to the bloodstream is around 50mg/ml. Blood Plasma trials conducted by Intellicig, the company I worked for between October 2008 and March 2012, indicated a figure of 45mg/ml which was just below that of an average cigarette. It is the delivery that is more important than just the daily intake in providing the satisfaction similar to cigarettes. The Nicotine level reaches a peak in approximately 5 minutes and maintains quite a high level for around 40 minutes, after which it decreases quickly, thus triggering the craving for more. There is also a threshold level that needs to be met before the brain's receptors are triggered to release Dopamine; that threshold is usually reached in four to eight draws on a cigarette and by a similar amount on an Ecig using 45mg/ml. Cigarettes give a short, sharp burst of Nicotine compared to most eliquid, the average being 18mg/ml which does not reach the same peak. That could go some way to explaining the change in habits and the 'chainvaping' syndrome. More research is required to establish more exact levels at which the receptors are triggered, but it has become increasingly apparent that many people use Ecigs differently than cigarettes in that they take a lot more drags per day on their Ecigs than they would have done with cigarettes; there has to be reasons for that.

What is interesting is that many vapers who choose to use low strength Nicotine liquid might be closer to being Nicotine-free than they realise, as they are happy vaping at levels which are unlikely to trigger the receptors and so their Nicotine cravings might have diminished considerably. However, what tends to be missed by many of them is the throat-hit associated with smoking or vaping higher strength liquid and I believe the throat-hit plays an intrinsic role in the whole process. The moment you feel that hit at the back of the throat, the brain receives a message saying 'everything's okay, Nicotine is on its way', so it is satisfied and can wait for the Nicotine level to peak (usually around 5 minutes). You might have become accustomed to low Nicotine strengths but you still have to fool your brain with the throat-hit. An easy way to observe this phenomenon is to watch outside any airport, railway station, anywhere that smokers might have been deprived of their fix for a considerable time. We all know the feeling, getting through customs, finding our luggage, then legging it to the exit; the cig comes out, we take a big drag, and on the exhale we feel the wave of relief and the 'god I needed that' sensation! It's well worth observing this in action. At this point, a couple of seconds after inhaling, the Nicotine hasn't reached the brain and certainly not in the amount required to trigger the Dopamine release, but the brain has had the early warning signal, the throat-hit combined with the inhale/exhale, and is satisfied. That is what Liquido Zero does, it gives the throat-hit that the brain is expecting.

These are my observations over the past ten+ years of working with eliquids and dealing with thousands of customers who all made the change to Ecigs. I do not make any medical claims and I would like to see my informal trials taken to the next level as part of a research project into the whole 'addiction' package as I feel there are a number of habits supporting the addiction to Nicotine; I also feel that we might be able to mimic those habits sufficiently well to enable us to vape Nicotine-free if we choose to and still enjoy it. I felt like a pioneer back in th'owden days with tiny cigalikes and 0.3ml refills, but they were enough to get me off the cigarettes that I had smoked for over forty years in just 12 days! I still have that same passion for harm reduction and am still a pioneer, it is the only way for me. There are lots of people who want to vape Nicotine-free and I will do everything I can to try and help them achieve it.

Detractors might question why anyone would want to vape non-Nicotine liquid as they often, and all too wrongly, believe that it is all about 'Nicotine addiction', but there is more to it than that. If it was simply about replacing the Nicotine, we would have seen millions of smokers giving up by using orthodox replacement therapies such as patches and gums, but their success rate in the long term is dismally low, one reason why Ecigs have seen such a phenomenal rise in popularity over the past seven years. What many simply don't understand is that smoking/vaping is a pleasure to so many, whether they see it as a habit or don't even think about it, they (we) enjoy it. The do-gooders and the anti-smokers might know what smoking is but so many of them don't know what it's like. We don't see them demanding a ban on low-alcohol drinks and yet they want to ban vaping, possibly the greatest health advancement we have seen for decades!

The good news is that when the EU Tobacco Products Directive is implemented in its proposed form in May 2016, it will not affect non-Nicotine products, so all of the happy vapers who choose to be 'Zero Heroes' will be able to stick two metaphorical fingers up at those who seek to deprive us of our right to indulge in our pleasure.

Liquido Zero Ingredients:- <59% Propylene Glycol EP <40% (Veg) Glycerol EP <>2% Plant extract (EFSA approved).

Customer Reviews (10)
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10 Reviews:

Excellent product
09 October 2023  | 

Really impressed with the service and help I received and the product itself - the flash is great and has helped a lot in switching to no nicotine. Thank you so much.

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No Hit
09 August 2021  | 

Bought 6% throat hit as they said 3% would be noticable. Can honestly say that i felt nothing at all at 6%. So that's £12 wasted on this.

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We are sorry to hear that 6% did not work. If you have any issues we encourage customers to contact us so then we can give advise and get your the hit you require.

21 July 2021  | 

I wouldnít say itís a throat hit as such, makes me cough every time. Iíve tried to dilute with all the liquid I have in the house and not much better. My fault for ordering the 100%. At least it will stop me picking it up every 5 minutes.I was hoping this was the answer. Delivery was prompt but expensive.

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Liquido Zero is a great product for missing throat hit. However we always advise to start low. It is very strong throat hit and 100% will leave you coughing, especially if never used before and not used to that strong a hit. If you email for advice we are happy to help point out a starting percentage or help with diluting. In relation to delivery we charge the prices based on Royal Mail and not for profit.

23 May 2018  | 

For my 0.5 to 0.7 ohm coils am mixing 1/2 VG/PG and 1/2 all VG @ 20-30% leaving me with a optimal blend close to 60/40 for those coils. For my 1.8 ohm MTL coil the 50/50 with 20% is perfect for me as its final PG is upto 57%

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Liquido zero
15 April 2016  | 

Just received the orange flavour in the 0 nic,I requested the 3% throat hit as they advise to start low,but think I should maybe have gone slightly higher,but I also purchased the bite extra,so a couple of drops of that,and it was perfect.
The orange flavour is nice and zesty and refreshing,I am really pleased with it.
Thank you.

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Liquido Zero
02 April 2016  | 

The throat hit is what I have missed most since giving up smoking. I bought a bottle of Bite Xtra about 6 months ago and was really pleased with it. Ordered this to give it a try, 100% throat hit unflavoured to add to different mixes, but it did nothing at all! I got no throat hit from it, it just diluted my juice but with no benefit....have now ordered the Flash Hit Enhancer, presuming that's what was called BiteXtra? Very disappointed

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Response from Flavourart - if you ever receive a product that does not meet your needs please do not hesitate to contact us. 100% Liquido Zero should have blown your head off! BiteXtra and the Flash Hit Enhancer are the same product.

Liquido Zero
06 January 2016  | 

Hi there. I have just ordered Liquido Zero and wanted to say- very nice taste but its very hard for vaping. There is something like a troath hit but very different and I am personaly disappointed. It is starts cough every time I tryed to use. I bought Liquid zero All VG with 40% troath hit. 2 stars just for the nice orange flavor.

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Hi, thank you for your review.

It is very important for customers when first ordering Liquido Zero to really have a good read through the information around throat hit. The throat hit at 40% is very strong, especially for a first time try. Start low and build up is the best advice for any customers looking to purchase Liquido Zero.

If you would like to reduce the throat hit try adding some VG (although be careful as this will reduce the flavour).

Very Surprised !
03 August 2015  | 

First off, excellent service, thank you, quick del, well packed and labeled. So the big jump to zero nicotine vaping, wish I had found this company and its products years ago, having dropped from a 24mg to a 6 over the years, the jump from 6 to 0 was easy and painless with this product, I went for a dark rolled @ 30% bite in an all VG base.....stunning, full thick vapour, excellent dry taste of a good blend of tobacco flavours all balanced of with a good hit and a nice after taste. This will be my new all day ( and night ) very happy to have found you.......Kevin ( Buzzskin )

3 of 3 people found this review helpful.
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Fantastic service
01 August 2015  | 

Fantastic service.. Wasnt what I was expecting and didnt like the product persoanlly... Ordered a VG base with 40% throat.. I normally vape 50/50 and this 40% throat hit kicked me in the throat.. Couldnt really taste the flavour at all

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Great flavours, great service
04 March 2015  | 

The service is fantastic. Same day response to questions and super fast delivery. Double Delight and Summer Clouds are delicious, I think the Vanilla Custard probably needs a bit of steeping. I've chosen VG base with 10% throat hit and extra flavour. Next time will order 40% th as I can't really detect it. It's great zero nicotine options without any harmful ingredients are available for ex smokers! Thank you FA, keep up the good work.

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