TPD Testing Prices

We are pleased to inform you that the pricing structure for TPD Testing/Notification has now been agreed. This service is offered by FEM2 Ambiente and will be available to manufacturers using FlavourArt or other branded flavourings in their eliquid, although there is a significant discount for eliquids using FlavourArt flavourings exclusively.
The charts below show two levels of testing; the first is sufficient to meet TPD requirements and the second will include more in-depth testing/reporting on toxicology which has been developed by FEM2 as part of FlavourArt's Clear Stream Onward programme (CSO).
FEM2 are currently creating a document that will explain in far more detail what each test consists of.

The Notification for manufacturers based in the UK can be done through the Central EU Portal, which simplifies the process.

FEM2 has indicated that payment could be spread over a period of time to hopefully reduce the impact of the cost of testing.
A payment plan based on monthly payments over 12 months is quite feasible, as is a 30% deposit with balance payable at 12 months.

As an example, using the figures in the chart, the cost for 10 Flavours (using FlavourArt flavourings) with 3 strengths per flavour would equate to around £1355 per SKU, subject to any fluctuation in exchange rates.

Unlike some organisations that are offering 'cheap testing' but then charging commission on every bottle sold with a minimum charge of £250 per month per SKU, there is no commission to pay with the service offered by FEM2. Once the fee is paid, there are no further payments unless the product undergoes a significant change. We believe this makes a huge difference in the true cost of testing.

Any agreement for this service would be between the manufacturer and FEM2 directly in order to ensure complete confidentiality between customer and provider. Massimiliano, CEO of FA Italy, and myself, have only served to help with the setting up of the service and to liaise with customers initially.

Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to take advantage of the service offered. 01254 674561



Download the pdf version here TPD-Testing-Pricing

Best wishes,

John & Bethany

Directors at That’s Nice Limited T/A FlavourArt UK
UK Distributor for FlavourArt srl Italy